Hello, my name is

Jesse Vlasveld, I'm a Front-end Developer

Work Experience

Front-End Developer

Fundament All media
December 2015 – November 2017

At Fundament All Media I was responsible for developing custom WordPress Theme’s for major real-estate companies to be used for new construction projects. These WordPress projects were connected to the the niki.nl API through an in-house developed WordPress plugin.

A part of the work was setting up new websites based on either a custom WordPress Theme, or an in-house developed XSLT based application.

Doing support development was also an integral part of working

I also assisted in front-end development for the Django based website wehelpen.nl. WeHelpen is a nationwide platform where people who need help can connect with people who have help to offer.

Work Examples

Some of the work for Fundament All Media included developing custom WordPress themes which could be reused for new development projects.

Front-end Developer

Steenwijk ICT
September 2015 – November 2015

At Steenwijk ICT I worked on a style guide and the new website for Steenwijk ICT. I was also outsourced for assistance and consultancy on an AngularJS project.


Freelance, Buro Serif
2009 – present

As a freelance developer I have been involved in the entire design and development process of webdesign projects for mainly small to medium sized businesses, which were mainly based on the WordPress CMS. I was responsible for acquisition, consultancy, project inventory, design and development (front-end and back-end) of websites, graphic design and marketing.

During this time I’ve acquired knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, responsive webdesign, PHP, Javascript, SASS, WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator.


PHP & Front-end Developer

Storm Marketing Consultants

During my internship as Storm MC I was responsible for converting landing page designs into working websites for clients such as DELA and Bosch.

I also had the assignment during the internship to develop a project management system in PHP, HTML and CSS.

Assembly, RMA & Helpdesk

Complies B.V.

Complies B.V. is a hardware distributor, during my internship here I performed tasks such as assembling computers, testing and repairing defective systems, and helping customers with faulty systems.

I also worked on maintenance and development of the internal helpdesk system, which was a PHP, HTML and CSS project developed by interns.

Education & Courses

Application Developer ICT – MBO Level 4

Drenthe College
2007 – 2009

Employee Management ICT – MBO Level 3

Drenthe College
2005 – 2007

React for Beginners

January 2017
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ES6 for Everyone

November 2017
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